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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is a practice and payment model where patients contract directly with a physician through a monthly/annual membership in exchange for routine primary care. 


Do I need health insurance?

No insurance needed! Though we recommend maintaining catastrophic coverage to protect you in the case of medical emergencies, hospitalizations, surgeries, cancer treatment, etc.


I'm healthy - is DPC still right for me?

Absolutely! We focus on keeping you healthy and will be there for you right away when you need us. Average wait times to see a primary care doctor in the traditional "system" can exceed well over 1 month, sometimes up to 6 months! 


Who is the ideal patient for this model of practice?

Anyone! But we are a great solution for those who currently do not have insurance or are underinsured.

We are also a great fit for you if you have insurance but tired of waiting weeks/months to see a doctor, want to spend more than 15 minutes talking about your concerns, and/or want someone you can reach after hours/weekends.


What if I need a specialist?

Since we do not contract with any insurance carriers, we are considered out-of-network. HMO plans will need an in-network provider to place referrals. If you have a PPO plan, we have an extensive list of specialists that we can refer you to. Ask about negotiated cash prices we may be able to offer you. 


I have medicare/medicaid - can you see me?

Not at this time though we hope to in the future.


Do you provide vaccines?

We do not provide vaccines at this time but may as our practice grows. In the meantime we will help refer you to local pharmacies or county resources.


What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership with a  minimum 30 day written notice. 


Initial registration fees are not refundable. If you decide to rejoin the practice at a future date, the registration fee will be charged again.

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